Flaky, Doughy, Authentic – Scallion Pancakes!

“Cong you bing” (or literally “scallion oil pancake” in Mandarin Chinese) is a staple in Chinese households, probably because it is made from simple ingredients and extremely versatile. Ever since I was little, I have snacked on these little treats that my grandma would roll out on her wooden cutting board. Among other foods, this probably makes … Continue reading Flaky, Doughy, Authentic – Scallion Pancakes!

Pani Puri

Pani puri, AKA golgappa, AKA phuchhka. A supposedly delicious street snack from India which I had never had. UNTIL THIS WEEKEND! S and I have been searching Boston far and wide for a place that serves pani puri, to no avail (just kidding, we kept asking at our favorite place and they just never had … Continue reading Pani Puri