2 Recipes 4 Bananas

Howdy! It’s been quite a week…you know how sometimes, you just have off days when you feel in a slump for no particular reason at all? This week was filled with those kinds of days, but I found incredible solace in getting together with some lovely friends and creating once again. What helps you feel better … Continue reading 2 Recipes 4 Bananas

Rainy Day Ramen

Hi friends!! Today, I have a very special guest blogger writing about a quick and easy ramen recipe: my sister, Amber! And with that, I will turn the writing over to her… Hello, everyone! For the past few years, I have been carefully improving my culinary skills to perfect the art that is making Japanese noodle … Continue reading Rainy Day Ramen

The Scoop & Scootery

Spring has finally sprung in Boston!!! It takes a while for this place to warm up, but once it does, the city comes alive! I spent almost all weekend outside (and not cooking, whoops!) and it was glorious. Today we had a high of 85 degrees – a hot, breezy, and wonderfully summery. Aaaand…what’s a summer … Continue reading The Scoop & Scootery

Boston Public Market

Last weekend, a friend was in town, and we had the chance to explore Boston together! Of course we took him to the Common and the Public Garden; walked a bit on Newbury Street; and he spent a lot of time in Harvard Square. When he mentioned wanting food and to be indoors (it is … Continue reading Boston Public Market